Balancing Privacy and User Experience

Swiss Alpinopharma is a German and Swiss pharmaceutical company that offers innovative, sustainable, and evidence-based medical cannabis treatments for doctors and patients by promoting scientific research.

Balancing Privacy and User Experience


Swiss Alpinopharma


Team extension and New Product Launch

The Challenge

Swiss Alpinopharma started as a medical start-up to supply doctors and pharmacies with medical cannabis. With an ever-growing business, Swiss Alpinopharma wanted to expand its target audience to patients directly.

The idea was to build a solution through which patients could find guidance and medical help regarding a potential cannabis treatment. Besides opening local practices where patients could meet doctors with relevant experiences, they wanted to build a digital platform that enabled both the patient and doctor side.

The Obstacle

In order to build their digital platform, Swiss Alpinopharma was looking for outsourced support because their core team mainly consisted of people with medical backgrounds. When looking for the right tech partner, it was important to them that the team would have a very entrepreneurial background and would have the flexibility to adjust resources depending on the project’s roadmap and success. With Colayer, they were able to assemble such a team and preferred this solution over conventional agencies.

The Process

Initially, we organized a scoping workshop with their core digital team and two senior product managers from Colayer who specialize in building MVPs and launch digital businesses.

The results from the workshop enabled us to define which functionalities were needed to launch a solution within ca. 3 months. To build the MVP, we found a tech lead, several backend and frontend engineers, a product designer, and a copywriter.

After the successful launch, we continued to improve and grow the digital platform with a flexible team that was staffed depending on the client’s needs in terms of speed or capabilities for another 7 months.

The Solution

From a technical perspective, we built a platform that is used by both patients and doctors. From a patient’s perspective, the platform allowed them to register, complete a complex health assessment, organize appointments both on-premises as well as online and manage their documents. From a doctor’s perspective, the platform gave access to patient data and allowed them to manage appointments and give subscriptions. When building the platform, we focused on using tools that align with German data protection laws and still offer a great user experience.

Balancing Privacy and User Experience

The Impact

Colayer enabled the client to quickly launch a solution and test out their marketing strategies. Furthermore, we looked at the whole project from a business perspective (rather than just the technical side) to continuously help them build their solution and prove their product-market fit.