On-demand access to exceptional tech & product talents at fair prices.

Whether you’re building a new software or just need a team extension, Colayer provides highly-vetted talents for short and long term projects at exceptional prices.

trusted by amazing companies to build their digital products of tomorrow.

Why Colayer?

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High Quality

All our talents are vetted by our industry experts and belong to the top 1%.

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Fast and Flexible

With our fast matching algorithm you will be matched within 48h.

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Seamless Platform

An easy-to-use platform guarantees a hassle-free experience.

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Matching powered by Experts

Our matching process is conducted by industry veterans.

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Fair prices

Our pricing model at 25% is a no-brainer compared to 60-70% agency markups.

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Talents work result driven

Through ownership and a Web3 model, every talent is motivated.

We offer a wide spectrum of support.

Mobile applications

Whether you're looking to create a user-friendly app to engage your audience, streamline your operations, or launch a game-changing product our expertise spans across all mobile platform. From concept to deployment, we're dedicated to delivering mobile experiences that captivate users and drive results.

Web applications

We cover the whole stack of web applications, from complex marketplaces, to online networks and platform, to cutting edge B2B SaaS solutions. We developed MVPs and solutions that dominated a market and been active in different industries from fintech, to health care, to climate tech and many more. 


We have build everything from small ecommerce store in shopify that just launched to  sophisticated micro-service solution for big & growing online stores that needed a setup which will scale, works smooth under load peaks and nevertheless stayed flexible and fast when implementing changes.

Data Science & BI

We leverage data-driven insights to help your business make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. Whether you require sophisticated BI solutions to visualize and analyze your data or cutting-edge data science projects to uncover valuable trends and predictions, we have the experience and tools to turn your data into actionable intelligence.

2 ways to work with Colayer.

How it works.

Talk to one of our industry experts

An expert on our core team will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs and team dynamics.

Get matched with the right talents/team

We will introduce you to the ideal candidate within two days or start to setup a project team for you.

Get the action started.

Let the new team member of the managed team get to work hassle-free.

We work with the top of the crop

"High Quality"

Colayer acts upon their words. The matching with talents was super fast and the quality of talents was outstanding. Also not to mention, that the prices are just mind blowing looking at the competitors in the industry. Can only recommend.

Johanna Hourrier
Growth Specialist

"Extraordinary Experience"

Without the re-platforming of Emma’s tech infrastructure the business would have broken down over the next months/latest a few years.
Colayer has been instrumental preparing Emma for its future the next 10-20 years.

Andreas Westendörpf
CTO Emma

"Seamless Platform"

I really enjoyed how everything was handled. From project proposal to matching, it was a quick and smooth experience. We got a suggestion of talents within 24 hours!

Marina Tureczek
UX & Product

Get access to a world-wide talentpool.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Colayer a platform or an agency?

Colayer is a platform and network.

How does the pricing work?

Unlike the 60-70% mark-ups agencies take, Colayer takes 25% (a minimum of 200€ per day) which is added to the freelancer's day rate.

What type of talents can I book via Colayer?

Colayer offers a wide variety of high-quality talents. These include engineers, product designers, developers, UI/UX designers, product managers but also interims managers.

I don't have time or knowledge, do you also offer an all-in-one solution for my project?

Yes, Colayer offers fully managed teams as well, meaning no more time invest from your side.

How do I get started?

Speak to one of our experts by clicking the button above.

If I have any other questions, who can I contact?

You can always reach out to a member of our core team or write an email to hi@colayer.io.

Join our happy clients and get your project delivered.

Whether you’re building a new software or just need a team extension, Colayer provides highly-vetted talents for short and long term projects at exceptional prices.